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Article: 11 Ways Contemporary Homes Use Bar Tables

11 Ways Contemporary Homes Use Bar Tables
Bar Table

11 Ways Contemporary Homes Use Bar Tables

The pandemic has made everyone spend more time at home. Everybody missed hanging out with friends and going to pubs. It is why bar tables have become a huge trend in homes worldwide. 

You might be thinking about adding this fixture to your house. A modern bar table is versatile and fits many designs. This guide will mention different ways to use this furniture piece in your home. Here’s how to spice up the décor and maximize the table’s potential!

How to Use Bar Tables in Contemporary Homes?

Homeowners are often afraid to be creative when decorating areas in their houses. But the only consideration should be your preference. If the furniture pieces fit your expectations, don’t hesitate to go with them.

You can get creative with finding a placement for a modern bar height table. The design variety and narrow footprint ensure it fits almost anywhere. Here are the top suggestions for using bar tables in contemporary homes!

1. Use It As the Main Dining Table

    The kitchen might be small, or the entire room is compact-sized. Either way, every inch of space is essential. There isn’t enough space to place a classic dining table, but you still need a place to eat. These furniture pieces can be a viable replacement.

    You can pick a mid-century modern bar table, presenting the design crossover. It’ll give that touch of elegance while providing room for meals. Modern-thinking and business people who don’t have much free time will appreciate this option. A bar table will spare you the hassle of arranging the dining area before eating. Instead, you can take a tray and eat the food right on the bar table’s surface.

    But these furniture pieces are tall. That means these tables aren’t the best option for children. Although you can find bar stools suitable for kids, height is still a risk factor. But if only adults will dine at the table, this piece can save space and fit the décor perfectly.

    2. It Can Serve As a Kitchen Nook

      The experts describe nooks as areas you use for both working and eating. You can use these tables to prepare meals and consume them. It’s not a fancy option like the dining table, so it’s the family members who usually eat here.

      A pub table is a modern and convenient solution for a kitchen nook. It will provide additional space to prepare food, store dishes to use during the process, etc. The table is easy to clean and get ready for eating. It’s perfect for breakfast and consuming food “on the go.” If you don’t have time to sit at a dining table, this is a great option. 

      And the best part is everything will stay in the kitchen. That means no risk of crumbs falling below the dining table in the living room. Furthermore, you don’t even have to clean the bar table right away. The condition for that is that your kitchen is out of sight for potential guests who enter the living room.

      3. Put It Above the Sofa or Couch

      Creative Uses for Bar Tables in Your Home - EcoChic Lifestyles

        You already have a living room set. It contains beautiful contemporary furniture and a large TV. That’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy. But what if you have guests and want to watch something together? A modern sofa bar table provides additional space and convenience!

        Aim for units with a narrow footprint. Don’t forget the table should follow the sofa’s length. It will ensure a seamless fit with the primary furniture piece. You put the table right behind the sofa, so the condition is it’s not next to the wall. And you should secure enough room for unobstructed foot traffic. If you secure that, you’ll get additional space to hang out in the living room. It’s the ideal option when you plan to gather large parties since it’ll secure enough seating options.

        4. Create a Man Cave

        50 Man Cave Bar Ideas To Slake Your Thirst - Manly Home Bars

          If you have always dreamed about a man cave, it’s impossible to imagine it without a bar table. For example, make the area resemble a coffeehouse. That implies placing several bar tables and watching the game together. You shouldn’t forget a large fridge that could keep beers cold for hours.

          Watching sports or TV is expected in a man cave. But you can pursue something different. Perhaps you enjoy playing board or card games with your friends. Bar tables can accommodate those demands. However, you might need a more spacious top surface. That will ensure there’s enough room for players and game pieces.

          5. Put It in the Basement

            A basement isn’t only a place for old stuff you rarely use. It can be a fully functional room that’ll work as your haven. If there’s a crowded upstairs, you can head to this secluded retreat. But your first task is to equip the basement.

            The usual furniture pieces include a TV and a couch. Most people add side tables and a cabinet to store drinks and snacks. A bar table could provide additional seating options. You’ll love the idea you can eat on it without worrying about stains. It’ll be a leisure addition that will boost your comfort in the basement.

            6. Go With an Industrial Design

              Some consider industrial tables a crossover between modern and classic. Depending on the design, these can fit any décor. The usual concept of an industrial bar table includes a black-colored base. Manufacturers leave the top wooden surface in its natural shade.

              Picking an antique frame will ensure your industrial bar height table fits traditional decors. It can be great for spacious living rooms. If you go with a simpler design, you can put it in the garage. Apart from serving to hold beers, it’s ideal for storage.

              7. Place It in the Home Office

                The pandemics made working from home popular. Many people stuck to this trend even when they had the option to go back to the office. But despite staying at home, you still need to finish work. And that’s why you need an area that will be your “office.”

                A corner is enough to be a working area. And bar tables are ideal for those convenient spaces. They are lighter and smaller than traditional desks. You can sit on a comfortable bar stool and work at an optimal height. And pub tables offer enough room to store your laptop, business files, etc.

                8. It Can Be an Entryway Table

                  The beauty of pub tables is they fit almost anywhere. If you have a compact hallway at your home’s entrance point, consider adding this item. It’s a narrow but convenient accessory to store random stuff.

                  You can use the table to put essentials like keys and sunglasses. It’s a useful way to know where these items are. There’ll be no chance of losing them. And it’ll be fast and easy to grab car keys when you are heading outdoors.

                  9. Place It Next to the Wall

                    A white bar table is a perfect addition to modern décor. You can put it next to a wall. Paint it white, but put a contemporary painting. The artwork could feature a dark contrast, and you can combine it with the stool.

                    The wall table design is a huge space saver. It’s an excellent fit for open-concept designs. You can place it between the kitchen and the living room. You can stay in touch or watch TV without having to eat on the sofa and risk staining it.

                    10. Use It as a Focal Point

                    Home Bar Ideas for a Modern Entertainment Space

                      Here’s an unusual approach, but who says that a bar table can’t be an area’s focal point? It’s imperative to choose a stylish item. It can’t be an ordinary piece. It should have a unique frame design and a luxurious touch overall. Don’t forget the priority is to fit the décor.

                      A bar table serving as a focal point doesn’t need to have another function. You won’t be using it for drinking or eating. Instead, you can arrange decorations and boost the area’s aesthetics. Although it’s a pub table, its purpose is to be a stylish addition.

                      11. You Can Put It Outdoors

                      Square Modern Outdoor Bar Table - Country Casual Teak

                        Who says that you have to put a bar table inside? Don’t hesitate to put them on your patio and enjoy sipping a drink. And if you enjoy grilling and gathering friends for barbecues, pub tables will be up your alley.

                        The only consideration is whether the table is resistant to weather elements. If necessary, make sure to move it inside if the rain starts falling or during cold seasons. Alternatively, you don’t have to take the table out. If you have floor-to-ceiling windows, put them next to them. You’ll enjoy the view of the outside while being safe from any weather conditions.

                        Final Thoughts

                        There’s no best modern bar table, but one that fits you. You might be looking for compact solutions for a small dining area. Perhaps you prefer a bigger table to place above the sofa in the living room. It’s your choice, but always stick to reliable manufacturers. You can find durable metal tables with wooden tops in online stores. Browse the vast selection of different furniture pieces, pick your favorite and avoid the hassle of going to the store. Instead, sit back while it’s being delivered to your doorstep!

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