7 Tips in Choosing a Dining Table

Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll need a dining room table. A dining table serves many different purposes. It offers a place for people to gather as they eat meals. It also adds a layer of style and class to any space. Because homes come in many different shapes and sizes, so do dining tables. This article can help whether you’re in the market for a small round dining table or a large traditional table.

We will discuss some common types of dining tables found. This will help narrow down some options on the market. Following that, we will provide tips on how to choose the perfect dining table for your home. This will ensure that the piece complements your space and is practical for use. 

Your Perfect Dining Table

Dining tables are an investment! They are often long-lasting pieces that make a huge statement. They draw attention to any room. Gather around on holidays or after a long day. Your dining table is the perfect place to hold meaningful conversations over your favorite meals. 

There are four basic types or sizes of dining tables. Each can serve a different purpose. These are as follows:

  • Bistro. A bistro set is the smallest dining table on the market. These sets are known for seating only two people. Bistro sets are often round. However, they can come in a square shape. Bistro sets are perfect for small places. If you live in a studio apartment or an old-style house, a bistro set is awesome. Bistro sets are also great for small families, empty-nesters, or new couples just starting out! 

  • Round. As you begin to upgrade to larger tables, you may consider a round table. The round. A round table still fits a small number of guests. It offers a more intimate setting. Everyone is sitting neatly across from each other for cozy evenings. It is a great piece to hold meaningful conversations. Round dining tables are best for seating four people. Larger round tables can be spacious and most dining rooms won’t accommodate that. Some options will come with an extension leaf. This will allow you more flexibility for when you have more guests. 

  • Square. If you have a square-shaped room, then you may consider a square dining table. Square dining tables are often best suited for four people. If you have a small family, this is a great way to keep the space cozy and comfortable. 

  • Rectangular. Rectangular dining tables are the most common. The flatter most room shapes come in a variety of sizes. Rectangular dining tables can accommodate six, eight, ten, and even twelve people. You can search for the dimensions that suit your needs. We recommend opting for a rectangular table that is between 36 and 42 inches long. This will take up the space in a room beautifully. Make sure you have room between the table and walls for chairs to easily space. 

Now that we have discussed the common types of dining tables, we will share tips on choosing the right table for you. 

Tips for Choosing a Dining Table

We have narrowed down seven crucial tips for choosing a dining table! Each of these will help you find the best table for your space and needs. 

1. Measure Space

Homes aren’t one-size-fits-all. Furthermore, not all dining rooms are made equal. You will have to find a dining table that complements your unique room. To do this, you’ll want to measure the space. Without seeing the right dining table for your area, your dining room can look cluttered, overwhelmed, or awkward. 

Having your dining table fit the room is one thing. However, you’ll want it to fit comfortably so guests can quickly enter and exit. One measurement you’ll want to take is table-to-wall clearance. To achieve this, make sure there is an additional 45 inches between where the table would end to the wall. This is where the seat will sit and move around. 

It’s also common for dining rooms to have additional furniture. This may include a sideboard or dining cabinet. You want to ensure that there is plenty of room for this furniture. Again, ensure that the dining room table has at least a 45-inch clearance between the end of the table and this furniture. 

2. Consider the Number of People

You must consider the number of people using the dining room table. This will include those in your immediate family that will gather for meals. However, it’s also important to consider whether you host events. If you host Christmas dinner, do you require a larger dinner? Do a head count. Consider how much space you’ll need. 

A rectangular table is the best option if you want to seat several people. As a general rule, you can follow these guidelines. 

  • 4-foot table seats four 
  • 6-foot table seats six
  • 7-foot table seats eight
  • 9-foot table seats 10
  • 11-foot table seats 12

You can also consider opting for a bench on one or both sides of the table. This may help you seat additional people. We love the look of Captain’s chairs on either side of the table. These can be statement pieces that add seating. 

3. Choose the Shape for Your Room

Not only does the shape play into how many people can comfortably be seated, but different shapes will complement different rooms. As previously mentioned, square dining tables look great in square rooms. The majority of dining rooms are rectangular. This is why rectangular dining tables are frequently used. 

Consider investing in a square or round wood dining table if you have a smaller room and want a more intimate gathering. These may not be as flexible in the number of seats available. You will want to ensure that the table isn’t too small for your room. Otherwise, it will look unbalanced. 

An oval table brings a lot of interest to the oval table with a more modern take on it. You can consider buying an oval table if you want the best of both worlds.

4. Select Material

There are many different material options. Each has its own set of pros and cons. Some of our favorite materials are:

  • Solid wood. Solid wood is pricy and heavy. However, it is timeless. It features natural grain patterns that add beauty to any wood. You can refinish solid wood if you need to change your decor style. 

  • Reclaimed wood. This material is known for its well-worn appearance. It adds character to any space. It’s easy to clean. 

  • Glass. Glass may be more difficult to keep clean. It may also scratch and you run the risk of it shattering. However, it’s an elegant addition to any home. 

  • Stone. If you want to invest in a gorgeous piece such as granite, marble, or quartz, go for a stone table. This will be very heavy but it will add opulence to your space. Stone tables are great for small tables, such as a round dining room table.

  • Metal. Metal will complement any industrial decor style. It is very easy to clean.

5. Consider Seating

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The table is only half of the battle! After you buy the table, you have to consider seating. Taking seating into account can help you find the perfect table. You might want upholstered seating or something more sleek and defined. If you opt for traditional seating, a conventional table style will complement that well. 

If you want a bench on one side of the table, you will have to ensure the table can accommodate that. Knowing a game plan for the final product can help the entire process.

6. Shop Different Heights

Standard Table Height vs. Counter Height vs. Bar Height

Dining tables can come in different heights. Generally, there are three options: standard, counter, and bar. Consider what looks best suited to your space. Standard height is likely the best choice if you have children or those with limited mobility. However, counter or bar height can add a unique appearance to your dining room. 

These heights are as follows:

  • Standard: 28 to 30 inches
  • Counter: 34 to 36
  • Bar: 40 to 42

7. Look at Different Styles

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Consider different features and styles for your dining table. There are different styles for you to shop from. Some of our favorites to consider are:

  • Extendable. This often includes a leaf that allows the table to elongate at your convenience. It will look smaller on a day-to-day basis and accommodate larger groups when necessary.

  • Parsons. This table is known for its beautiful 90-degree angles. It’s the queen of modern style for modernist or contemporary homes.

  • Trestle. A trestle is a unique table that sits on two supports. It is extremely sturdy. It offers a more traditional and classic appearance. 

  • Farmhouse. Farmhouse tables are often rustic in nature. They are typically made of wood.

  • Mid-Century Modern. With sleek angles and warm-toned wood, mid-century modern brings all of the retro flair to modern-day dining rooms.

  • Industrial. Couple wood and metal for an industrial table. You may see reclaimed wood, concrete, or brick peek through for this gorgeous theme. 

  • Pedestal. A pedestal table is often a small table with one central leg that holds up the entire tabletop. A good option for this would be a modern round dining table. 


Shopping for a dining table is a big deal. Finding the perfect table for your space and your family is essential. A dining table will foster important conversations and allow you to connect over your favorite meals. We have outlined some excellent tips for shopping for a small round dining table or a larger trestle table.